The new Glen Plaid Entrepid Blazer!

Introducing the Entrepid Blazer

The Entrepid Blazer is designed for the modern man. Feel confident and look sharp in our unique blazers that are designed to fit seamlessly with your existing wardrobe!

  • Perfect for work or fun

    Our blazer effortlessly adapts to your dynamic lifestyle, whether you're hustling at work or hitting the town. It exudes a cool and contemporary aesthetic from every angle!

  • Stylish Fit with Functionality

    The Entrepid Blazer allows you to stand out in style, featuring a sleek design that catches the eye, perfect for strolling on a night out.

  • Reflective detail on Cuffs

    The reflective details on the collar and cuffs is a subtle statement of individuality with a pop of reflective swagger that catches the eye and enhances visibility.

The Glen Plaid Entrepid Blazer

A few reasons why you'll love our blazer!

  • Magnetic Pocket Closures

    Magnetic closures on both side pockets keep everything secure; no fussing with buttons, no more worrying if your pocket flaps are mistakenly tucked into the pocket.

  • Ultimate Comfort and Easy Fit

    Excellent blend of resilient recycled polyester, Viscose and Lycra for maximum comfort and fit.

  • Look Sharp!

    Fits your lifestyle, from the office to going out. The sleek double vent makes the Entrepid Blazer look great from every angle.

  • Reflective details

    Stand out in style. Subtle reflective detailing on the back of the collar and cuffs catches the eye and enhances visibility when you're out and about.

Designed for the intrepid entrepreneur, artist or professional - the Glen Plaid Entrepid Blazer was inspired by a desire to make an impact in your world!

Everything you need in a great blazer, nothing you don't. Simple as that.

Fits With Your Wardrobe

Mix and match the Entrepid Blazer with your current wardrobe to get maximum flexibility out of a minimum number of items.